Moscow to host high-tech SCO forum

On October 15-16, 2014, Moscow will host the International Forum and exhibition High Technology of the 21st Century: Innovations in SCO, sponsored by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Trade, the Secretariat of the Business Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the Partnership in the Development of High Technologies (Skolkovo Foundation), the Russian Institute for Strategic Research and EXPO-ECOS Ltd.

Representatives from the SCO member states, observers and dialogue partners will take part in the forum.

The event is to expand project implementation cooperation in the SCO economic space, promote, market and commercialise advanced technologies and to accomplish a range of objectives for ensuring food, environmental and energy security.

A conference, scheduled to be held during the forum, will be focused on high-tech project cooperation; information exchanges on projects and technologies; cooperation between the academic and expert community within the SCO Business Council; attracting investment resources to innovative projects; the use of venture capital funding mechanisms; technology transfers and the protection of intellectual property, as well as mechanisms for launching joint pilot programmes.

Workshops on agro-industrial technologies, investment support for innovation processes in the SCO space and the socio-humanitarian aspects of innovative development will also be offered.