Security Check

Journalists accredited for the BRICS and SCO summits must pass through a security check at the entrance to the International Media Centre.

The security check includes a personal inspection and screening of personal belongings and equipment.

Members of the Organising Committee media team and volunteers will be present at the security checkpoint to provide assistance should any problems arise during the security check.

The Organising Committee would like to remind you that any inconvenience during security checks is solely due to the need to guarantee the security of the journalists working at the International Media Centre, as well as the participants and guests at the Summit.

Below is a list of items prohibited on the International Media Centre grounds:

1 Firearms, compressed air guns, gas weapons, throwing weapons, knives of any type or ammunition;

2 Explosives and any related component;

3 Radioactive materials and items with high background radiation;

4 Toxic substances;

5 Flammable substances;

6 Firecrackers or other explosives for display;

7 Electric shock devices;

8 Narcotic substances;

9 Any other hazardous material or item prohibited by Russian law.